Dear Lena,

Happy 26th Birthday! I would like to give my congratulations to you, as well as Troy, Sven, Steve and Domen on your recent solo performances. You have shown us that you are a talented and hard-working artist. I remember your recent interview, where you were asked 'what would you like to do before you die?', and you answered, ‘I just want to know that I made someone happy’, and it literally brought me to tears. Lena, you have made me happy. You have been one of the most influential people in my life. You have affected the person that I am today. I know that most people would find it hard to understand how a pop group from Russia could affect so many people in so many ways - but that is the power of music. You have opened our minds and our hearts.

Thank you.
With all my love,

If Lightning Strikes has set up a phone number for Lena Katina to receive voice messages for her birthday. The phone number is 323-500-0332. When prompted, press 1 to connect. Please note that long-distance charges may apply.